The use of RATION when travelling

My name is Cecilie Holten, I am 23 years old and can now, proudly, call myself RATION ambassador in my goal of returning to the 'world of swimming'.

I am a former Danish and Nordic champion in 50- and 100-meter breast swimming.

And after a couple of years away from the basin, I've chosen to kick start a new decade with a new swimsuit and a plane ticket to the United States.


I have undoubtedly missed the world of sports and in the years when I have stopped swimming, I have always had a small feeling of 'unfinished business'. Therefore, I have chosen to move to Florida where I now train with a smaller swimming team in Boca Raton.


"Just as a race car needs the right type of fuel to maximize its efficiency, so does an athlete." Now it is so that I have to get back into the 'swimming and exercise routine' and here the diet plays a big role. As an elite swimmer, a lot of kilometers have to be added to the swimming pool, which means that I often train 2 times a day. And I have to honestly admit that swimming at. 05:00 in the morning can be one of the most challenging parts. That's why it's super important to eat a quick and healthy snack before the morning workout that can help me wake up, and most importantly; give me some energy. Here I always eat a RATION “The Better Bite”. RATION contains no artificial additives and is 100% natural. Nutritionally, the RATION bar is composed according to the official dietary advice and they are full of apple and oats, which is an ideal source of fuel.


I have experienced that it can be a challenge to plan all meals, especially now that I have moved to Boca Raton and would like to go out and experience the city between my workouts. That is why I always make sure to have a RATION bar in my bag if i get hungry. 

There are 6 different flavors, and right now I am totally into the apple, mango and passion fruit bar, as well as the apple and rhubarb bar, because it reminds me of a Danish summer.

You can buy the delicious RATION bars right here.

I will continue writing on The better blog, where my next blog post will be about what it's like to come back to the 'world of swimming' and a little about my everyday life here in sunny Boca Raton. At least it will be an exciting journey and I am super happy to be supported by RATION all the way.