2 years through the water with RATION in a kayak


Hey RATION fans!

My name is Nicolai Mørcke. I am a 24 year old man who is a student in Copenhagen on a daily basis as well as very good at kayaking.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life figuring out how fast I can move a kayak through the water. It has brought me around the world, given me a lot of experiences and not least, I am the lucky holder of a lot of friends from many different places in the world.

I want to be the best possible version of myself.

A wise man once taught me that I have no control over what my opponents are doing or how fast they are ruddering or not ruddering. My focus on daily life is therefore to do as many things as possible, in order to become the best possible athlete, I can become. However, this does not mean that I like to lose, especially if I have made mistakes in preparation or during the race.

The hunt for the small margins

It is a season-to-season struggle to find the extra, but also to get a busy everyday life together. I am constantly on the move between the studies, training, friends and my own home. The winter season is in full swing now. It is the very time consuming kayaking on an elite level. It is a training week consisting of a minimum of 14 training sessions and up to 22 hours. The diet occupies a central place for the body and the brain to perform optimally for both exercise and study. It's all about eating healthy, but also consuming the necessary energy. I consume 5500kcal to 7000kcal a day to maintain weight. To put that into perspective, it is 2-3 times the amount of energy a normal adult will need during a day. There is a lot of work to do to eat healthy and varied, and at the same time get the necessary amount of energy in one day. It also means that I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my energy intake. This is where RATION came into the picture.

RATION - a healthy snack in the busy everyday life

I first became acquainted with RATION when my father introduced me to the food bar in conjunction with the National Kayak Championships in 2018. It can sometimes be hard to get something to eat on a busy rally day with many races. Unfortunately, it can go quite significantly beyond performance. RATION was therefore used as a good snack between the many races. The variety of flavors made it an experience. It helped keep both the mood and the energy up.

I have since taken RATION into my everyday life. I typically eat the bar on my way home from the study before I have to have afternoon training. Here in the winter, afternoon training usually consists of hard weight training or intensive kayaking. It is therefore important to have a light meal that is good in the stomach and provides the necessary energy for the coming hardships.

In the future, here at The better blog you will be able to follow my journey through a world of kayaking, study and a lot of experiences. Next time will be from slightly warmer skies in Portugal. Here I will be at training camp for the last weeks of April. It will be the final preparations for a (hopefully) good season.