The importance of a stable blood sugar in e-sport

Protein, muesli, dates and energy bars. The range of bars has never been bigger. But how healthy are they really? Health-conscious athletes who want to perform better can very soon get their hands on the popular meal bars and snack bars from RATION at, which was developed based on the Nordic dietary guidelines. RATION is therefore the perfect way to get good energy and satiety while playing.

A small meal based on the new Nordic dietary recommendations

Many intense workouts in front of a computer often involve forgotten meals or low-energy meals. Here are snacks that can be eaten quickly and with one hand, an advantage - especially for e-sports tournaments. A RATION bar is the easiest way to get the much-needed energy and provides long-term satiety so that concentration can be maintained throughout the game.

In total, RATION has developed 6 exciting flavors of their meal bars and snack bars, the only bar on the market that both tastes good and at the same time provides the correct and necessary energy and satiety in a healthy low-calorie snack. 

RATION was developed based on the new Nordic dietary recommendations. That's why there is a focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber - all from natural ingredients that together ensure a stable blood sugar, which is alpha and omega when you need to stay focused and think clearly after many hours in front of the computer.

The important thing is to give the body both energy and a good sense of satiety and thus avoid going sugar cold as this will quickly go beyond one's gaming performance.

Stable energy from oat kernels and a whole apple

The six variants of RATION are:

  1. Apple & cinnamon
  2. Apple & rhubarb
  3. Apple, ginger & chili
  4. Apple, beetroot, carrot & lemon
  5. Apple, mango & passion fruit
  6. Apple, mint & lime.

All bars contain a whole Granny Smith apple, 20% fiber from whole oat kernels as well as sunflower kernels and flax seeds, ensuring a low glycemic index (stable blood sugar) and a high content of omega 3 fatty acids to help the brain function optimally. In addition, they are 100% free of additives and have not added salt. The range comes in two sizes; 40g snack bars and 55g food bars.

RATION can be purchased at and very soon also on

Eathlete supports the healthy approach to gaming

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