Fuel for CrossFitters

Always ready for changes

Hi, my name is Michella Huban, and I am an elite CrossFit Athlete.

As a CrossFit athlete, I always have to be ready for change as my training is so varied all the time. My weekly workout consists of a good mix of fitness training, weightlifting and gymnastics, and I work hard every day to optimize my performance wherever I can.

Prepared for the worst:

I train for competitions where I typically do not know what to go through in advance, it is all a bit uncontrollable and therefore it is important for me to control it as much as I can. My sleep and my diet are the two things, with the greatest impact on my training results and performance. I need to eat well in order to perform well, and here it is important that my diet gives me a stable blood sugar and the best possible renewable energy! 

Fuel for Crossfit athletes

The tasty RATION bars help me to achieve my goals, while it serves as the perfect snack for me both before, during, or after my workouts. The healthy natural sources that the bars consist of, makes them taste so good and gives me a good but light feeling of satiety while training. The bar also has the perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, which ensures that my body gets what it needs after some long workouts. It also has a high content of omega 3s which is perfect for me because it helps fight inflammations and improves the cardiovascular health.

Eat good, feel good and perform better

The ration bar makes it easy for me to eat well and feel good, especially in a busy day where I am almost always on the move and working out.