The Better Bite

Our RATION bar is obviously 100 % all natural, no artificial stuff and suitable for vegetarians, just to mention a few details.

But to be quite honest (which we prefer), that's not the most interesting bit about us.

RATION isn't a regular snack bar, but developed by dietitians and athletes. Nutritiously made according to the official dietary guidelines.

This means a healthy, tasty,  snack, full of apple and oats, packed with fiber and wholegrain, giving you something to chew, but also providing stable energy and blood sugar.

So whether you're at work, school, out running or exercising  or just hungry, you will experience that RATION is the healthy good for you source of fuel for body and mind.


The Sports Bite

Fill yourself

Sports are demanding. Sports are fun. Sport is serious.
Good results require you to consider what you are up to.
To ensure enough energy of the right kind so you can have fun and maybe just perform that little bit extra.

The Natural Bite

Just good

Nicely packed straight to your bag or pocket, for when you need energy to keep you going. But no random snack.
- only natural food ingredients, no additives, no powder bar. Just apple and oats and 150 healthy calories.
We call it The Better Bite.

The Snack Bite

Healthy snacking or what?

We all talk during the day, some more than others.
We all have favorites, some healthier than others.
But we also choose according to the circumstances.
- Coffee and nothing when we're busy, maybe a pit stop after a hot dog.
It can be quite frustrating.
Maybe it's easier to just grab a RATION.

The Health Bite

It's ok to take care of yourself!

Confused about all the different information about what's good for you?
We are.
For how to decide if something is healthy?
We have chosen to put together our bar according to the New Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.
This means a balanced bar with the protein, carbohydrate and fat recommended by official dietary advice.
Neither more nor less.

The Active Bite


On the go. On walk, hike, bike ride or whatever suits your trip.
Bring a RATION with you as your conspirator.
Activity requires filling with good, stable energy so you can stay active as long as it suits you.
RATION is simply a better bite.

The Work Bite


Work without fun gives - boring.
And sometimes life is just work, work, work.
Disrupted often means zero breaks, zero food. And coffee as the only option. How about having a RATION at your desk in case you get hangry?

The Family Bite

For the whole family

Basically, we would like to offer you easy, healthy food on-the-go or a quick snack for anything.
So your family can eat right.
Avoid sugar crises and poor solutions. No angry kids, just happy and calm.
So here's a healthy RATION talk for everyone. Something to chew on that takes the hunger. Made with apple and oats - all natural, delicious ingredients, full of fruits and vegetables everyone likes.

The Tasty Bite

Chew some delicious.

Some people are into chocolate, some to cakes - we all have our personal favorite flavors and variants.
Some have other reasons behind their choices - fair enough.
We just think taste is everything!
If you hate the taste, why eat it?
We did NOT decide to make something we do not love ourselves.
And we love our RATION family. Hope you do too.

The Energy Bite

Slow energy

Food is energy and we all need energy to make it through the day. The difference is that some food and snacks give you high blood sugar.
Not the smartest.
Other gives you stable energy and blood sugar.
Energy that is released slowly gives you energy for a longer time.
And don't we all want to last a little longer?