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All varieties collected in a tasting box. The easiest way to find your favorite, but we promise it can be difficult.

Questions about Ration?

All Ration bars are dipped in a thin layer of yogurt instead of chocolate. They are for staying fresh, keeping the calories down, as well as adding a nice round taste. Our snack bars are therefore not vegan, but vegetarian.

All our snack bars contain
only 100% natural fructose. However, we have added 0.5 grams of sugar to our coating to break the acid from the yogurt. By adding a small amount of smuggled sugar, we have achieved a nice round taste and texture, and we have been able to avoid other artificial sweeteners and additives - which we value very highly.

There are very few products that can be touted as healthy. Our bars have been developed in collaboration with dieticians and composed based on the Nordic dietary guidelines. Ration will in many cases be a healthier choice than traditional snacks and sweets and can therefore easily be included as part of a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, however, one's diet must always be seen as a whole.

You can read more about ingredients, taste and nutritional content on each bar's own product page. You can find all our variants by clicking here.

However, it is not possible to buy our above offer via these pages, so you must remember to click back here.

As a starting point, you should always listen to your body. Ration is good, balanced energy morning, noon and night.

As such, there is no wrong time to eat a Ration snack bar. It all depends on your daily life and when you need energy to stay focused. With 7 varieties, we have a taste for every situation and mood.

We have many customers who eat a Ration both before, during and after training. Ration snack bars are approved as a source of protein, but are not a high protein product. As such, we do not want to be either, as we see the body as a complex machine that needs more than just protein. Therefore, we would like to help you refuel with the good and balanced energy after a hard training session.

No. Ration is made from whole roasted organic oat kernels and produced in a 100% nut-free production. In other words, Ration has not seen the shadow of nuts.

Ration is 100% gluten-free and can therefore easily be consumed by people with celiac disease.

That's what our customers say

  • ★★★★★

    “ Delicious and fantastic for running”

    - Mark H.
  • ★★★★★

    “Fruity and not too sweet”

    - Benjamin
  • ★★★★★

    “ Lovely, tasty, nutritious bars”

    - Daniel
  • ★★★★★

    “ Excellent little bars packed with flavor and texture”

    - Roland
  • ★★★★★

    “ Best snack ever!”

    - Thor Brandt