Back to work with Ration 

Swimmers rarely spent more than a weekend away from the pool deck during the season. And especially, when you are trying to get back into shape one word is crucial: practice. But since the coronavirus pandemic began in the middle of March; I have had to change and readjust my living situation and training plan.

Letting go of where I was, and currently focusing on where I am now

Like I wrote in my last blogpost: I started the year off with a flight ticket to Florida, a new swimsuit, and with a goal to make a return to the ‘world of swimming’.

My training set-up in sunny Boca Raton is definitely everything I have ever dreamed of. The pool is surrounded by palm-trees, the sun is shining most of the time, and most importantly; I am being coached by a super talented swim coach. She fully understands what it is like to have this feeling of ‘unfinished business’ and wanting to give something a second chance. After a few weeks of training, in America, I found myself in an ideal practice routine, but then all of the sudden the world shut down. And like many other athletes my training went from being great and hard to non-existent.

With the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, and not knowing how America would handle it; I decided that the smartest choice was to return to Denmark.

It is safe to say that I have found myself a little off track in the past few months. The virus outbreak has undoubtedly put a pause to my goals. It has been a challenge upholding my training amount in Denmark; the pools have been closed, and this have sadly made it hard to stay focused and motivated. So, I have had to ask myself 2 important questions:

How do I restart my training habits? And how do I get back into a healthy routine without being able to practice with my American team and coach?

Bouncing back after a setback

I have chosen to spend a month in Croatia to regain my focus, and ease back into training with a Croatian swim team and a personal fitness trainer. Easing back into training does not just mean spending hours at the pool and in the gym; It also means implementing a healthy diet. Getting the right kind of fuel is crucial for your level of performance, and this is where Ration snack bars play a key component in my nutrition.

My day, here in Croatia, usually starts at 05.30 where I walk to the pool. I have never been into eating a big and heavy breakfast before morning practice, so I always grab a Ration snack bar before jumping in the water. Ration bars are also the perfect snack before my fitness session; because not only are the bars a quick and easy snack on the go, but they also provide me with a steady energy level during my workouts. And to be honest, one of my favourite things about The Ration snack bars is the many delicious flavours! You can buy the 6 delicious Ration snack bar flavours right here in the webshop.

I am, like always, super thankful to be supported by RATION all the way, and who knows... maybe my next blogpost will be written from Florida – my fingers are crossed.