Eating fiber rich snacks satisfies the hunger

Hi again!

Then the Corona came to Denmark and turned everything upside down. I should be sitting in Portugal right now, preparing my final shape for a tense season. This is temporarily put to an end. Instead, I am still in Denmark, which is partially shut down, as are large parts of the rest of the world.

A very different everyday life.

Corona has changed many things in my everyday life, just as I am sure it has changed many things in yours too. My sometimes-stressed everyday life with travel, studies and work, has been replaced with a monotonous daily life, without any big changes. It all goes into study, a little training and some boredom.

The training has currently changed character. It has gone from high-intensity training to a form-top, instead of being low-intensity building. The next event will probably not be until the end of the summer. Until then, both intensity and amount have been reduced. This is done to avoid weakening the immune system and getting sick. Also, it is not necessary as the time horizon for the next rallies has been significantly extended.

The struggle to keep fit.

I currently spend much of my time in a small dorm room, studying for the exams I still have to attend this summer. This is very different from a normal day where I was almost always on the move.

Facing new and unexpected challenges.

The many hours in my room have also presented new challenges. Regardless of how tense I thought my study is, I can unfortunately get bored every now and then. As a result, I get "hungry" and therefore start eating. The extra food is not always appropriate. I still dream of the season getting underway sometime in late summer, so I still have to keep fit, and if nothing else, avoid taking on unnecessarily weight.

RATION prevents me from bad eating habits.

Therefore, RATION has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Where I used to use the bars as a quick meal before training, they now help me avoid eating too much bad food. When hunger comes creeping out at wolf hours, I've made it a habit to eat a RATION bar. They make sure I don't put the snug in the fridge and start unhealthy snacking before dinner time.

Eating fiber rich snacks satisfies my hunger.

With its rich content of fiber, it satisfies my hunger, in a healthy and satisfying way. It makes it easy for me as I get something that is both healthy and delicious. With its just 200 kcal in a 55g food bar, it is also a significantly more low-calorie snack than what I would otherwise have consumed in chocolate and the like. At the same time, there is enough energy for me to get the necessary energy to stay focused for the rest of my day.

I hope that everyone is well and healthy. Next time, I very much hope that we have progressed through the Corona epidemic and that there will therefore be more to tell from my sports journey.

See you later