Back to work with Ration 

February 21 2021
I have never been into eating a big and heavy breakfast before morning practice, so I always grab a Ration snack bar before jumping in the water. 

Eating fiber rich snacks satisfies the hunger

May 01 2020
When hunger comes creeping out at wolf hours, I've made it a habit to eat a RATION bar. They make sure I don't put the snug in the fridge and start unhealthy snacking before dinner time.

Fuel for CrossFitters

April 28 2020
My sleep and my diet are the two things, with the greatest impact on my training results and performance. I need to eat well in order to perform well, and here it is important that my diet gives me a stable blood sugar and the best possible renewable energy! 

The importance of a stable blood sugar in e-sport

April 04 2020
Many intense workouts in front of a computer often involves forgotten meals or low-energy meals. Here RATION snacks that can be eaten quickly and with one hand, an advantage especially for e-sports tournaments.

The use of RATION when travelling

February 28 2020
Just as a race car needs the right type of fuel to maximize its efficiency, so does an athlete.” - Elite swimmer Cecilie Holten.

2 years through the water with RATION in a kayak

January 30 2020
I first became acquainted with RATION when my father introduced me to the food bar in conjunction with the National Kayak Championships in 2018. It can sometimes be hard to get something to eat on a busy rally day with many races. 

Football player Mathias Leth Jacobsen uses the RATION Bar as a heal...

August 23 2019
The Ration Bar provides the right energy and is far better than ordinary sugary things, which are often burned off after a short time. You get both saturated and healthy fat in the right way, which is why Ration Bar has become a regular part of my diet plan when I exercise.

Elite runner Freja Wærness is absolutely crazy about the new snack ...

August 09 2019
Especially for foreign competitions where I do not know the options for food and drink purchases, I always remember a packed lunch, electrolytes and not least my Ration bars. I absolutely love the new and slightly smaller RATION 40g snack bar because it fits perfectly if I just need a small energy source that doesn't fill up too much in my stomach. 

My (RATION) world - by Elite runner Freja Wærness

June 03 2019
So for me it is all about planning, repeating and focusing on my diet as it is very important for an elite athlete. That is why RATION snack bars are an integral part of my daily energy intake. The right food choices at the right times are crucial and can help reduce the recovery time, reduce the risk of injury and improve the ability to concentrate.